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Forest management and production chain management system

A chain of custody certification and forest management system is for timber industry and trading companies seeking to demonstrate that their products come from responsible forests and wish to label FSC brand names.

Related Standards:

FSC-STD-40-005, version 2-0 "Enterprise FSC Controlled Wood Assessment Standard"
FSC-STD-30-010, version 2-0 "Controlled timber standard for forest management companies"
FSC-STD-50-001, version 1-1 "FSC Trademark Requirements for Certified Businesses"

FSC * Production chain certification and forest management system benefits:

•    Certification according to FSC standards gives you the right to use an internationally recognized trademark, Certifying the traceability of timber used in production, responsible selection of wood suppliers and/or declaring responsible felling.
•    The FSC chain of production management system helps trace the timber path from the forest from which it is crossed to the final product.

Certification procedure

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Adresas: http://tuvuolektis.lt/fsc-3