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Complaints and appeals

All complaints and appeals against UAB TUV UOLEKTIS are evaluated, investigated and appropriate actions are taken.

Complaints and Appeals Policy:

Accepted clear complaints with objective evidence of the reasons for the complaint. The contact details of the complainant must also be provided.
All complaints and appeals against TUV UOLEKTIS UAB are evaluated, investigated and taken appropriate actions in dealing with the problems encountered. UAB TUV UOLEKTIS always strives to inform the complainant of the progress of the complaint / handling, for example, whether the complaint is well-founded, if so, what action will be taken.
After examining the complaint, the client is informed about the results of the complaint / problem assessment and the decisions taken on further actions. If necessary, a report is provided.

All complaints and appeals are accepted by email;

E-mail: Info@tuvuolektis.lt