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The benefits of a certified management system

Modern business is based on the reliability of partners. One of the key tools to ensure the reliability of an organization is a functioning management system. Therefore, one of the requirements for a good company is to have certified management system.

The certified management system in the company ensures the consistency and integrity of the ongoing processes, the systematic implementation of the objectives set, gives an advantage over competitors, and allows to gain more consumer confidence.

The certification procedure is divided into:

•    The preparation for the audit

•    Assessment of KVS documentation and assessment of readiness for certification;

•    Certification audit performance

•    Certificate issuance

•    Annual maintenance audits

Submission of a commercial offer

According to the data provided by the client, a commercial offer is made, which is valid for 3 months. When accepting this commercial offer, the customer completes the order sheet and submits to the certification institutions office. Signing a certification agreement.

Preparation for an audit

•    The evaluation of the audits documentation before the audit
•    Upon request, a pre-certification audit is carried out at the company. The purpose of the pre-certification audit is to identify the bottlenecks in the documentation and the management system in place.

Preparation for initial certification audit and certification

•    Initial certification audit is carried out in 2 stages. Before each audit phase, an audit plan is prepared and passed on to the client. There is also a customer-friendly audit team.
•    Document scrutiny is part of the 1st audit phase.
•    The 2 nd audit phase is usually carried out 2-3 weeks after the first audit phase
•    After the initial certification audit, an audit report is submitted to the client.

Certification and maintenance

•    If the audit results are positive, certificates are issued to the client. Certificates are valid for 3 years from the date of issue of the certificate.
•    Supervisory audits are carried out once a year during the validity period of the certificate. The time allowed before the 1st Supervisory Audit is up to 12 months, until the 2nd Supervisory Audit is not more than 24 months. Since the last day of the 2 nd audit phase. At the end of the permissible period of validity, the certificate is suspended.
•    An Audit Group is agreed with the customer before the audit and an audit plan is presented.
•    An audit report is submitted to the client following a supervisory audit.

Re-certification audit

•    A reminder letter is sent to the client about 4 months before the certificate expires. The client specifies the data on the company (fill out the questionnaire), on the basis of which a commercial proposal for the re-certification audit is made. The terms of the commercial offer are valid for 3 months.
•    During the validity period of the valid certificate, a re-certification audit must be completed, an audit documentation must be prepared and validated and a new certificate issued, i.e. A re-certification audit should be carried out 2 months before the certificate expires. After the expiry of the certificate, a new certification is carried out.
•    After the re-certification audit, an audit report is submitted to the client.
•    In case of positive audit results, a new certificate is issued, leaving the same certificate number.

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