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Social Responsibility Management System

The SA 8000 standard is a requirement that can be applied to practically all companies in the industry who want to demonstrate a socially responsible approach to creating and maintaining working conditions through their own, customer or independent assessment. This standard is based on the International Labor Organization Conventions, United Nations Conventions on the Protection of the Rights of the Child and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The standard of social responsibility aims to provide useful tools for employers and organizations to ensure the protection of workers and to strengthen national labor laws.
The basic principles outlined in the standard are:

•    Child labor
•    Forced and forced labor
•    Occupational health and safety
•    The right of associations and freedom to bargain collectively
•    Discrimination
•    Penalties practice
•    Working hours and pay for work
•    Management system.

Related Standards:

SA 8000: 2008 Social Responsibility

Advantages of Social Responsibility Management System:

•    Helps to realize the company's values in the social field
•    Increases the reputation and value of the company and its brand in the eyes of the public and investors
•    Increases the ability to find better employees, maintain them and increase productivity
•    Helps to better manage social risks in the supply chain
•    Less risk to business due to the favorable social climate in the organization
•    For potential clients and customers it is easier to select companies that actually comply with the standards of ethical employment and legal requirements.

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