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An internationally oriented, practical and transparent system for the certification of biomass and bioenergy

An internationally oriented, practical and transparent system for the certification of biomass and bioenergy.

    ISCC is oriented towards:
    reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions,
    sustainable use of land,
    protection of natural biospheres and
    social sustainability


ISCC is for participants of biomass and bioenergy production chain, who intend to realize sustainable production.

ISCC benefits:

    Certification is an instrument to distinguish sustainable products from non-sustainable ones on the market
    certification supports responsible farms and processing companies
    ISCC is an advanced and the first recognized scheme, has been proofed by the BLE (Federal Office for Agriculture and Food)
    ISCC is experience based, efficient and effective
    ISCC provides more security for companies as it covers also social sustainability issues
    ISCC requires less efforts and smaller audit teams than other existing schemes. Costs of certification are lower
    ISCC is a global scheme covering all kind of biomass – to be applied in the EU home market and overseas. It is a one stop shop for companies, easing national and international trade
    ISCC is not a closed shop – a balanced stakeholder representation and transparent processes are key features.



ISCC 103 Quality Management
ISCC 201 System Basics
ISCC 202 Sustainability Requirements for the Production of Biomass
ISCC 203 Requirements for Traceability
ISCC 204 Mass balance calculation methodology
ISCC 205 GHG Emissions Calculation Methodology and GHG Audit
ISCC 207 Risk Management
2009/28/EC  Renewable Energy Directive

Quality management system
Related Standards: LST EN ISO 9001: 2015 "Quality Management Systems - Requirements"
Advantages of the Quality Management System:
•    A certified quality management system increases trust in the manufacturer or service provider. The Quality Management System Certificate means that the company meets the standard requirements (LST EN ISO 9001: 2015), and provides stable quality products and services.
•    Company processes are documented and performed according to the requirements of the standard.
•    The company continuously checks and develops its quality management system.
•    A functioning quality management system promotes the constant maintenance of a high level of production and services:
-    raising the technological level of operational processes;
-    raising the qualifications of specialists and staff.
•    Better communication between employees, fewer errors due to lack of information.
•    Clearly defined responsibilities and powers, employees are better performing their functions.
•    The time for new employees to get involved is shortened.
•    Certified Quality Management System - an Advantage for the Lithuanian National Quality Award.

Certification procedure

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