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Certification benefits

  •     Organization processes are regulated and executed in accordance with the standards requirements;
  •     A functioning management system promotes the constant maintenance of a high level of production services;
  •     Management system - a tool for achieving the goals set;
  •     Creation of assumptions for the transparency of internal processes;
  •     Better communication between working with external countries, less mistakes due to lack of information;
  •     Clearly defined responsibilities and powers, employees perform better their functions;
  •     Shortening time for new employees to get involved;     Employee awareness and motivation are encouraged;
  •     A clear system for responding to customer complaints, promoting problem solving and solving it; 
  •     Greater safety (environment, employees, information, etc.) according to the nature of the management system;
  •     Organizations assess not only the needs of clients but also stakeholders, take into account the business environment;
  •     Risk assessment and mitigation measures help to mitigate undesirable effects;
  •     Stricter controls of the outside world have a positive impact on the efficiency of the management system.

The international standard enhances the confidence of business partner organizations, customers and consumers